Apply Lock on Resource Groups thru Azure Policy

What is Azure Policy? 

Azure Policy is a service in Azure that you use to create, assign, and manage policies to stay compliant with your corporate standards and service level agreements. To read more his about visit Microsoft Documentation                To get compliance about a resource a following two steps are needed              a) Create a Policy Definition                                                                                                    b) Assigning that policy to a Scope, which is called Assignment. Scope can be whole subscription or a Resource Group

Following are main components of a Policy definition                                           a) Identify the resource to which policy to apply                                                            b) Define the criteria to decide complaint and non complaint resource            c) Define the effect on the non complain resources. Visit the to read more about Policy effects

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Azure Elastic Pool and Elastic Job

What is Elastic Pool: As the name suggests it is a pool of SqlAzure Dbs.

  1. Each elastic pool contains sets to SqlAzure dbs.
  2. Elastic pool has shared capacity among SqlAzure dbs.
  3. Elastic pool ensures best use of capacity and resource.
  4. It is very much cost effective also.
  5. Best option for dealing with unexpected db load at same time remaining cost effective.
  6. While creating elastic pool, Azure provides suggestion about which db to include in the pool and about min mac DTU, bases on DTU usages of Dbs.

Example: Let’s assume you have 10 basic SqlAzure dbs, which normally use 5 DTUs. During setup in Azure you assign each Db 10 DTU (considering scaling\peak) i.e total 100 DTU while most often consumption is 50 DTUs on average. So, you are paying for 50 DTU extra i.e double.

By putting then in elastic pool and setting the max DTU at a level (for ex: 60), you can handle unexpected db load and achieve cost effective solution.

P.S: In the above example, there is an assumption that all dbs don’t achieve peak at the same time.
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