C# From Beginning till 6.0

What is C#: C# is an Object-Oriented language

Evolution of C#: Following image shows the journey of C# till 6.0


C# 6.0 new features:

  • Auto-Property Initializer: As name suggests, it allows developer to set the value of the property when it is declared in class. Earlier, one need to set value in the constructor

public class Blog


        public string Name {get; set;}

        public Blog ()


            Name = “Name”;



But in C# 6.0 this can be like this

public class Blog


          public string Name {ge; set;} = “Name”;


One can also set different accessor for ‘get, set’ properties

public string Name {get; protected set;} = “Name”;

One can initialize read-only properties

public string Name {get;} = “Name”;

  • ‘Static Using’ namespace: In C# 6.0, one can add using static qualifier in the reference
  • Dictionary Initializer: One can map the key/indexer directly at the time of dictionary object initialization.

Dictionary<int, string> SampleDcitionary = new Dictionary<int, string>


{1,”Sample1″ },

{2,”Sample2″ },

{3,”Sample3″ },

{4,”Sample4″ },

{5,”Sample5″ }


  • String Interpolation: Now one can put expression directly into string literal.

String TestString = $”Here expression is added in string : {Name}”;

  • Null Conditional Operator: Checking null value has become lot easier by performing a member access (.?)

int? length = blogs?.Length; // null if blogs is null

Blog first = blogs?[0];  // null if blogs is null

int? count = blogs?[0]?.Pages?.Count();  // null if blogs, the first blogs, or Pages is null

Author: Rupesh

Hi! I'm Rupesh, technophile and funophile. I'm an Application Developer, Solution Architect and IT-Consultant. I am a Microsoft certified Professional (MCP,MCSD,MCSA,MCSE). My hobby includes reading, writing, tennis, bollywood and cricket

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